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Air Conditioning Repair

SoCal AC & Heating Repair Provides Best-in-Class Air Conditioning Repair Service

We offer 24-hour air conditioning repair service to San Fernando Valley residents and businesses. Whether your air conditioning unit isn’t blowing cold air or isn’t blowing at all, we can fix it. When it comes to air conditioning repair there isn’t anything we can’t fix.

From defective thermostats and breakers to low refrigerant levels, we can handle it all. Our technicians will fix any air conditioning unit and have your home back at the appropriate temperature in no time.

As a local ac repair company based in the San Fernando Valley, we understand the extreme temperature conditions that affect this part of town. In the summer time having a proper air conditioning unit is vital because temperatures well exceed the 100 degree mark for most of the summer. Our technicians use state-of-the-art HVAC equipment and are specially trained to work on any major air conditioning unit.

Let’s face it: we’re in Southern California and global warming or not – we’re typically in for hundreds of super-hot summer days. What’s new to the region is the addition of humidity which is another variable that needs to be regulated so when your air conditioning goes down on those exceptionally hot days, staying inside becomes very uncomfortable. Even when it is only marginally hot, without AC any building in Southern California quickly reaches a heat threshold that can disrupt productivity and well-being.

Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

At SoCal AC & Heating Repair, we are happy to provide 24/7 emergency HVAC air conditioning repair services throughout the San Fernando Valley. Our highly trained and qualified HVAC technicians are always just a quick phone call away. Our technicians stock many standard HVAC replacement parts in their service vans to ensure that repairs can be made quickly and easily – getting it right the first time, every time.

When you call us for your air conditioning repair needs, rest assured of the following:

  • Our technicians are factory-trained in the most current, best-in-class practices
  • We provide no-surprise guaranteed pricing
  • Our team is continually provided with training and other educational opportunities
  • All of our HVAC technicians are fully licensed, bonded and insured
  • Personnel at our company has successfully passed background and substance abuse tests
  • Maintenance vehicles are fully stocked with replacement parts and other resources
  • 24/7 emergency hotline

At SoCal AC & Heating Repair, our specially-trained and certified HVAC technicians are highly esteemed professionals who apply best-in-class practices in troubleshooting, repairs, HVAC system procurement and preventative maintenance. Our services are guaranteed and supported by a money-back guarantee.

Air Conditioning System Maintenance

Maintaining optimized HVAC cooling is critical and many factors come into play such as square footage, ceiling height, construction materials, insulation, density of habitation or space utilization, geographic location of the building or facility and many other details.

At SoCal AC & Heating Repair, we are experts in troubleshooting air conditioning systems, nipping a problem in the bud at the first sign of trouble. It is a good idea to sign-up for planned maintenance of your system to immediately spot prospective problems before they become costly repairs. Like any mechanical system, the more efficiently it runs, the longer it will last and the better it will perform.

Planned maintenance will help ensure the longevity of your HVAC system which will save you money over the term of your investment. Every year of additional operation will save capital outlay, saving you money in the long run. Not only do we provide the highest quality air conditioning maintenance but we diagnose and repair any make or model of air conditioning system.